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Are you taking advantage of new Business Phone Systems technologies?

Business Phone Systems used to be a crucial component of any small and medium business! If you didn’t have a phone system then you had no way of people contacting you. As technology has changed, companies’ use of phone systems has also changed. Many have now sought to rely solely on their mobile phone as their primary form of communication as they see no tangible advantage to having a standard desk phone.

Technology has changed and come a long way. This is true for business phone systems as well. You have access to a vast, feature-rich phone system where you no longer see it as a basic phone system but a crucial component of your business to help it grow or become more efficient.

Your phone system is no longer just a tool for communication. Today’s systems revolve around unified communications to provide the ability for collaboration between not only internal staff but customers and suppliers as well. They give us the ability to provide rapid response while easily integrating into our other workflow software applications. But most importantly, they allow us to be truly accessible from anywhere.

Common Terms you may hear:

Cloud PBX, PABX, Cloud Voice, Hosted Phones, Microsoft Teams calling, VoIP – These are all terms you may have heard when discussing phone systems with another provider. All of these types of systems are VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) based systems. In the simplest form this means that the voice signal is not analogue and is sent digitally over a network that can either be part of a LAN (your office network) or travel over the internet.


Looking for a specific feature?

Business phone systems now come with what feels like a limitless amount of features (they still can’t make a coffee though)! It can be hard to decipher what some of those key features are. Below we have listed some of the key features we see used a lot with phone systems now and what they do. 


This just scratches the surface of the capabilities of Business phone systems. They can also offer advanced systems like call centre / Contact centre services for larger organisations. If you would like more information on a feature or just are unsure of some of the other things phone systems can do, give us a call we are always happy to chat!

How TechNine can Help

TechNine has vast experience with phone systems. Both onsite and cloud-based. The first step is figuring out what phone system will be right for you as a business and what features you are specifically looking for.

You will talk about your business needs and any key requirements and from there we will provide options and make suggestions on the type of phone system we feel may be right for not only your business right now, but where is wants to be in the future.

Once the right solutions have been determined, we will provide the managed PBX service and handle the entire transition process end to end so you do not have to worry about anything!

Managed IT

Services We offer


Cloud Phone System

VoIP, Hosted PBX, SIP! You are probably asking what these even are, don’t worry we make moving to a cloud phone system simple and easy. We want you to focus on your core business rather than learning the ins and outs of different phone technologies. Our hosted phone system offerings are managed from end to end meaning less time spent trying to get it working right for your business and more time doing what you do best, growing your business. With an abundance of features and redundancy options, this all-in-one solution is sure to make your life easier!

Phone Systems

On-Site Phone System

The traditional phone network has changed significantly over the last few years meaning more businesses need to move to a cloud solution. This doesn’t mean that on premise phone systems no longer have a purpose. On premise phone systems can now be an effective solution in conjunction with a cloud provider.


Microsoft Teams Calling

Already have Microsoft teams and want to use its calling features? TechNine can set this up for you having a truly seamless Unified communications experience


Managed PBX Maintenance

Phone system maintenance is no longer set and forget. Having an adaptive phone system in both features and configuration can help your business have more control over the way you operate, increase productivity and reduce missed opportunities. We provide phone management to ensure your phone system is working the way you want it.

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