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Cyber-crime in the legal industry – Recent phishing campaign!

If you’re involved in the legal industry then it’s fairly safe to say you would’ve heard about “phishing emails”. These phishing emails have the ability to often de-rail a business.

Take the recent phishing campaign targeting members of PEXA. In this instance fraudulent emails were sent out to members of PEXA. These emails looked legitimate to many as they contained all the usual PEXA branding, however they contained a malicious file which when downloaded and run infects your computer leaving you vulnerable.

In this instance, PEXA alerted all members ASAP so luckily the damage was minimalised however it just shows how easy and common it is to fall victim to these targeted attacks.

Some basic protection methods for you and your business are:

  • Invest in anti-spam and security solutions!
    • That’s right INVEST. Protecting your business with anti-spam and security solutions is the exact same as buying insurance on your car.
  • Do not click links or download attachments unless you’re expecting them, and in the event that the links or attachments look a little “fishy” call the sender and confirm
    • A simple phone call goes a long way when it comes to cyber-crime…
  • Reach out to your IT.
    • That’s what they’re there for. Reach out to them, forward them the email and then they can confirm the legitimacy.
  • If in doubt, delete it.
    • If you’re ever in doubt simply delete the email and contact the sender.