Top reasons for Businesses to use an MSP

During the COVID 19 pandemic just about all businesses within Australia needed to quickly adapt to working from home.

As part of this many small businesses started realizing that having an MSP to manage all of their IT needs was a must in order to effectively transition and maintain a WFH strategy.

So, besides the obvious what are some other benefits to having an MSP look after all of your IT needs?

Access the latest technologies

By utilizing an MSP for all of your IT management, you’ll have a team of engineers dedicated to bringing you the latest technologies such as; cloud computing, 24/7 monitoring and management as well as things like backup and disaster recovery. What this means is your businesses gets to take advantage of the many benefits of these newer technologies which will increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Cost savings

Many SMBs currently utilize a combination of a traditional ‘break-fix’ IT company as well as relying on internal staff to fix some of the more basic IT issues. This comes at a significant cost to your business. How much time are your employees spending trying to fix their own issues, and then giving up and having to call an (expensive) break-fix IT company? This cost can add up very quickly. With an MSP your staff will no longer need to worry about attempting to fix their issues. They simply lodge a ticket and have it resolved ASAP, which is all (usually) included in a fixed monthly fee. This means that you’ll know exactly how much you need to spend on IT per month which makes creating a set budget much easier.

Enhanced security

With the current rise of cyber crime all businesses (no matter how small) need to start looking into their cyber security position. All that it takes to bring your business to a halt is someone opening an attachment or file – which is why letting an MSP manage and maintain your cyber security is a must. Did you know that a recent study showed that a huge 66% of SMB’s reported a cyberattack within the last year? Yep… That’s a rather large number…

Peace of mind

Something that all SMB owners can benefit from is the peace of mind knowing that their IT will just “work” and in the event that there is an issue their contracted MSP will be onto it ASAP to get them back up and running 24/7/365.