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IT Consulting

At Technine we understand that what many companies need is an external set of eyes to design IT planning for their business. These IT plans can stem from simple hardware refreshes or be as complex as business continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure your business is prepared for whatever is thrown at it. Our consulting services are completed by our Level 3 engineers to make sure that we intimately understand the ins and outs of your business prior to recommending and implementing any products and services. This means that we stand by what we recommend 100%. Along with getting an intimate grasp of your business, we also provide multiple options for your business.


How will consulting help my business?

Technology changes at such a rapid pace and as a small business, trying to stay on top of the latest and greatest out there can be hard. When you partner with an experienced technology advisor like TechNine who aid in the design and strategic requirements of future technologies, you can be sure that your company will be geared for the future!

Migrations & IT Projects

Any Migration or new IT implementation can be a monumental task for Small and Medium Businesses. It takes careful planning, best practices implementations, and the right tools to clean up and consolidate your current IT infrastructure to prepare for the change all while trying to complete these tasks without disrupting day to day operations of your business

Migrations and IT projects are similar to your car. Yes, you can work on and service your car yourself but many people don’t feel confident in doing this as they do not have the fundamental knowledge to ensure the process is done right for maximum performance. This is why they trust their servicing to a mechanic. Trust your IT migrations and projects to TechNine.

Steps involved in an IT migration or project?

Implementing technologies into your existing IT Management infrastructure requires thoughtful planning and an in-depth assessment of your existing infrastructure and software. Below are the stages of a successful IT Migration or Project:
  • Examination – Evaluate the existing infrastructure to see what there is to work with
  • Designing and strategic planning – create an implementation design plan including required steps, any hurdles that may occur, and business impact and potential training or upskill requirements.
  • Implementation – Implement the solution based on your design plan
  • Testing – Test the implementation in multiple aspects including Admin and EU testing
  • Training – Ensure key staff are trained who can then pass on required training
  • Ongoing support and performance analysis – a periodic review of the implementation to ensure there are no issues and ongoing support for if any issues arise.
With these steps, you can ensure that the Project/Migration is implemented correctly the first time saving your company time, money, and valuable resources.

Types of Migrations & Projects

TechNine offers a wide range of expertise in many areas of IT. With the right partner like TechNine who takes the time to understand your business, these technology implementations become a whole lot easier.

We take the time to carefully assess your current IT environment and through consulting and strategic planning, come up with the best action for your business.

Below are some of the common migrations that may come up for a small to medium business: 

Take the stress away from these Projects and Migrations. Let TechNine do it for you!

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