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IT Security services and management for Small and Medium Businesses in

the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney regions.

There is an increased need for IT Security services for businesses, especially if they have been adapting their working procedures and policies for a remote workforce and working from home. 

Many people see IT security services as an optional component for their business. This is far from the truth and can leave them vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks like ransomware that are growing in frequency and complexity daily. With over 80% of all work being done online now. that is too large a risk for any business to take! 

At TechNine, we can create a plan for your business to ensure you stay protected.

Stages of IT security Processes

If you are reading this, it means you already understand the dangers of Cybersecurity attacks for your business but are not yet aware of the processes of how to stop them. We look at Cybersecurity based on 4 process steps:

Prevention – ensuring systems are patched properly and there is a multi-layered security system (Software and hardware) protecting your business.

Detection – in the event a threat is not prevented, the means by which it can be detected (IDS).

Reaction (Response) – Once detection occurs, an action plan to fix the situation.

Recovery – In the worst-case scenario, the reaction is not enough and results in a full breach or lost data, A way for your company to recover quickly to resume business as usual. 

The above is a very generalised overview but it shoes what Small and Medium businesses should be doing at a minimum to ensure they have a proper IT Security policy in place. 


How we offer IT Security

Protection against Ransomware, Phishing emails, and other Cyber threats are getting harder for businesses especially when the attacks become more sophisticated and now can often involve social engineering.

We approach our Security offerings from a multi-layered, multi-staged approach. We know that not every company out there is going to go for the Rolls Royce IT security solution, but every new IT Security implementation is a step in the right direction

A layered, proactive security approach means protection from multiple angles like:

Security Compliance

Australian laws and regulations have recently changed when it comes to small businesses and IT security compliance. A couple of years ago if you were classified as a small business then you were exempt from many of the laws and regulations surrounding data protection, privacy policies, data breach notifications etc. This is no longer the case. Australian laws and regulations have recently changed and many of these exemptions for small businesses no longer exist. If you’re looking to become an accredited medical practice under the RACGP then they will also expect you to have a privacy policy in place.  

Ask yourself, does your company have a privacy policy, do you have a data protection plan or how about mandatory privacy and security training? If you’re unsure what any of these are then chances are you’re unfortunately not complying with a few of the mandatory regulations around IT security and compliance. We can however change that. Give us a call today so that we can help you and your business meet all of your security and compliance obligations.


Audits & risk assessments

When was the last time your business’s IT services were reviewed to ensure they meet industry standard? What would happen if an unauthorised person was to gain access to your IT systems?  These questions are unfortunately not asked and answered often enough. Let Technine conduct one of our comprehensive Audits to ensure that your business is protected and operating efficiently. TechNine offers the below Auditing services.

  • Security/Vulnerability Audit
  • Network Audit.
  • IT Systems Audit

How to get started?

We like to look at Cybersecurity and IT security services in general as a marathon, not a sprint. 

Cyber threats are forever changing which means your business needs to partner with a company that can help you stay on top of these threats. 

We offer Cybersecurity packages for small and medium businesses that employ a multi-layered approach to help keep you protected.  

Business Continuity Plan

Are you losing sleep worrying about your Business IT security?

It is time to stop worrying and start actioning! 

Schedule a Cybersecurity consultation today and find out if you’re protected or there are gaps in your IT security.

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