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Managed Internet & Networks

Network management is often something that gets overlooked by many businesses when choosing a managed services partner. Here at TechNine, we provide managed internet services and we can also manage and maintain your entire network from LAN to WAN. We can also integrate with your existing IT team or provider so that you can still get a single point of contact.

Managed Internet
Fibre Network

Firewall and router management

Whether it be a basic router provided by your ISP or a combination of multiple routers and a firewall TechNine can manage it all. By having TechNine manage your router/firewall you’ll know that your devices are always being kept up to date to ensure your business’s security. We can also cater to any more complex needs you may have such as, redundant internet connections, VPN, SD-WAN or multi-site configurations.

Server infrastructure management

A poorly maintained server may run fine for months or even years, however it’s guaranteed that this server will eventually cause significant issues within your business. Take away this risk by choosing an MSP that understands just how important it is to correctly manage and maintain your server infrastructure. Our engineers have significant experience in managing and maintaining small, medium and even large scale infrastructure deployments, which means we understand that when it comes to server infrastructure – there should be no compromises.


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