Gsuite to Office 365

G-Suite to office 365? Check out the top reasons to migrate from Google G-Suite to the powerful Office 365 Suite!

Benefits of moving from G-Suite to Office 365 for Businesses

it is no secret that both G-Suite and Office 365 are Giants in the Software as a service (SaaS) game and while both are great for Business, they have differing features and functionalities. It can be a tough decision to make.

Sometimes it can happen that G-Suite does not end up being the right fit for a business and then comes the tough decision on whether moving to office 365 is cost effective and has enough benefit for a business to go through transition process.

Is Office 365 Better than G Suite?

This has been a long-term battle between Office 365 and G-Suite. There are lots of people who are migrating from G-Suite to Office 365 because it is seen to be both more reliable and efficient in terms of performance and security. Below I have listed some other potential advantages of Office 365.


  • Security and Threat Protection
  • Teams Collaboration
  • Desktop Applications
  • File and Email storage
  • Offline file access
  • Familiarity

Security and Threat Protection

The biggest reason behind many Businesses moving from G-Suite to Office 365 is the growing security concerns. Many cloud vendors office high levels of security, but when it comes to G-Suite and Office 365, they have very differing security measures. Googles security features are Google Security Centre, Which is good but, in my opinion, not as strong as the security measures offered by Office 365.

Microsoft offers enhanced admin account security and mobile administration. But its strength lies within the data loss protection and rights management services offered in Office 365. All data for an Office 365 user (files, emails, and sites) can be protected. With G-Suite, they offer this to emails.

Both companies have strong password policies and 2FA being standard components. The advantage for Microsoft is the integration of Advanced Threat Protection Services and defender services. These services provide enhanced security from not only the user experience but also application security including:

  • Advanced email Anti-Spam
  • Malicious file blocking
  • General email protection
  • URL scanning and Impersonation

Teams Collaboration

Microsoft Teams has blown up in popularity especially during COVID and companies making the transition to work from home. Microsoft Teams offers the ability for companies to segment into respective departments or groups for collaboration projects. It offers enhanced abilities like:

  • Group video conferencing
  • Document collaboration – allow multiple staff to work on the same document at once.
  • Integrated Office apps – Use the Microsoft office apps from directly within Microsoft Teams.
  • Sharing – Easily share files and documents with other teams’ members.
  • Message history – in depth messaging history

It is hard to list every single beneficial feature of Microsoft Teams as its feature set is growing richer and richer in every update but be sure to know that it is the collaboration system of the future!

Desktop Applications

One of the biggest things that the end user likes is simplicity and nothing screams simplicity more than something you have already known and are familiar with. Office 365 has a huge benefit of being a known system with Microsoft Office. Almost everyone grew up using Microsoft office and it is engrained in our minds to how simple and effective it is to use!

Microsoft offers the ability to still have a full download and installation of the Microsoft Office Suite on your local computer for ease of use and familiarity. Unfortunately, the only offering from G-Suite is a web-based application which is still good but does limit its use capabilities.


File and Email storage

All companies have grown to need larger amounts of storage space. As time goes on more and more large amounts of data are generated by users and companies. A large storage capacity is necessary for any business these days. When it comes to the storage capacity offering by Office 365 and G-Suite, there is a huge difference.

Office 365 Business Basic offers 1TB of cloud storage space per user, whereas Google G-Suite basic offers only 30GB. Additional space can be purchased at additional cost for G-Suite.


As mentioned in Desktop Applications, The Microsoft Office environment is known to almost everyone. The Familiarity with MS Office 365 applications can be extremely attractive for Windows Centric organizations who want to keep their systems under 1 company banner for ease of use and simplicity.

Microsoft has kept the use between the cloud and on-premise apps very consistent for ease of use allowing for a more fluid transition and easily being able to switch back and forth between the 2 when needed.



After looking at the benefits associated with Office 365, Many people conclude that it is better suited to their businesses growing needs than G-Suite.

If your business is interested in making the transition from G-Suite to Office 365, Feel free to reach out to TechNine as we are offering a free consultation and roadmap for your Office 365 transition to make it as simple and worry-free as possible.