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How can a Managed IT provider help to turbo-charge your Central Coast law firm?

Due to the large amount of line-of-business applications that Central Coast law firms utilise on a day to day basis, it can often be hard to find an IT provider that truly understands your systems both inside and out.

Pro-active Support

Traditional break-fix providers will simply fix a problem when it arises and that’s the end of their involvement. This might seem perfectly normal to most people; however, did you know that most issues can be resolved before they even “become an issue”? This is where a managed IT provider is different. They will constantly monitor your systems 24/7 and pro-actively fix any “small issues” before they turn into larger, business impacting problems.

Predictable Spending

With a managed IT provider, you’ll receive a predictable bill every month. This not only makes budgeting easier, but it also means that “bill shock” will no longer occur! A traditional break-fix IT provider profits when issues arise. This often means that they will take their time in fixing issues, as well as not fixing them properly and simply applying a “band-aid” fix. A managed IT provider is the opposite – they profit when issues don’t happen which in turn, makes sure they’re both pro-actively fixing all of those small issues but also fixing problems properly so that they don’t re-occur.

Access to New Technology

Most small firms can’t afford their own in-house IT team to gain access to newer technologies, and almost all break-fix providers don’t want you using the latest technologies as these technologies are often more reliable! By utilising a managed IT provider you’ll gain access to these newer technologies as your provider will allow you to leverage their highly skilled team to give you a competitive advantage over other law firms.

These are just a few ways that a law firm can benefit from using a Managed IT provider, but there are obviously many more advantages such as:

  • Overall reduced cost
  • Improved reliability of IT
  • Rapid response support
  • Easier budgeting
  • Access to multiple specialists
  • Security checks
  • Scalable solutions
  • Many more…